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F-113S Semi permanent rubber release agent

Category: Mould Release Agent
Brand: Falcon

Falcon F-113S Semi permanent rubber release agent for rubber products and PU material release, spraying on the surface of the mold can quickly form a dry film, for rubber products to provide a good release effect. 113 is the mold foam, 113S is a rubber vulcanization; F-113S output is large, meet the relatively thick coating.

Product model Falcon F-113S Semi permanent rubber release agent
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 450 ml / pcs

Product Details

Falcon F-113SSemi - permanent rubber release agent is prepared by hydrocarbon solvent and organic silicon film forming agent, which can quickly form dry film on the surface of the mold, and provide a good release effect for rubber products.


Suitable for rubber products and PU material release.


  • volatilization rate is fast, the film is uniform.

  • after stripping surface grease rarely.

  • good lubrication performance, better protection of mold.

  • smell mild, easy for the operator to accept.


  • spray mold release agent is appropriate to reverse the tank body, so that the spray mist uniform.

  • when spraying, press the nozzle, nozzle distance to the object about 30cm vertical injection, oil film thickness uniformity of mobile, completely covering the surface of the object.


  • all canned goods are flammable, storage temperature should be lower than 50.

  • long storage, the carton should not exceed 8 boxes.

  • handling products should be handled with care, strictly prohibit the use of throw, throw, hit or other dangerous action.

  • storage areas should be ventilated, dry, cool, is strictly prohibited from the sun or exposed to the sun.

  • is forbidden to strike and keep away from fire.

  • can not be upside down.


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