S-350A Universal lubricating anti rust agent

Category: Lubricants
Brand: 鹰牌/Falcon


Falcon universal lubricating anti rust agent is suitable for all metal or other metal parts such as mold, rust, cleaning, cleaning, remove rust, and has the characteristics of anti static and low conduction. It can solve the fault of electrical circuit breaker.

Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 450 ml / pcs

Product Details

Falcon S-350A universal anti rust and lubricating agent adopts refined mineral oil and compound additives modulation and, unique TPM lubricating elements improved the shortcomings of traditional anti rust agent single rust, make the product is in with rust, rust and corrosion protection effect, at the same time more lubrication, dehumidification, anti-wear, cleaning function. Products are non-toxic, non corrosive, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives, through the PAHS, Phthalates test, oil film has more than 35% of non volatile substances, suitable for 6 months to 1 years of short-term anti rust.


is suitable for lubrication, rust proof, cleaning, removal of all metal parts and other metal parts, and has the characteristics of anti - static and low conduction, which can solve the failure of electrical circuit breakers, and can be used in precision instruments, circuit integrated blocks and electrical components.

product Features

  • anti rust oil film easy to remove, reduce the use of cleaning agent.

  • excellent human sweat replacement.

  • is non-toxic, harmless to human body; low odor, the operator is easy to accept.

  • tank under high pressure, the use of safe, effective to prevent security risks.

  • environmental protection products, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives, through the PAHS, Phthalates and other tests.


  • use the top down to the back of the tank body, so that the spray mist uniform.

  • when spraying, press the nozzle, nozzle distance to the object about 30cm vertical injection, oil film thickness uniformity of mobile, completely covering the surface of the object.


  • all canned goods are flammable, storage temperature should be lower than 50.

  • long storage, the carton should not exceed 8 boxes.

  • handling products to be handled with care, strictly prohibit the use of throw, throw, hit or other dangerous action.

  • storage areas should be ventilated, dry, cool, is strictly prohibited from the sun or exposed to the sun.

  • is forbidden to strike and keep away from fire.

  • can not be upside down.

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