Cleaning agent

Falcon S-530 Environmental Cleaning Agent

Category: Cleaning series
Brand: Falcon
Product model Falcon S-530 Environmental Cleaning Agent
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 550 ml / pcs

Product Description 

Falcon S-530 is made from high quality solvent & surface-active agent with strong cleansing power and fast volatile speed, compatible to all metal material and most nonmetal material.



Product Formula



Recommended Application

Suitable for use in cleaning of metals and plastic surface. It is especially efficient to wipe off antirust oil membrane,dust,oil dirt,static etc.



Key Features

● It is an environment-friendly product free of chlorine、benzene and n-hexane and do no harm to operator’s health.

● Effectively dissolve oil dirt, dust and static etc.

● Fast volatilization speed with no residue.

● No corrosion to metals.

● Compatible to most plastic.


● The aerosol can with transformation and bursting pressure above national standards ensures good safety performance.

● The manufacture is certified by SGS IECQ HSPM QC080000, thus the product meets requirements of E.U. RoHS environmental protection directive and passed Phthalates, PAHS test.



Typical Data


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