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Biaozhun 355 Environmental protection cleaning Agent

Category: Cleaning series
Brand: Biaozhun
Product model 355
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 500 ml / pcs

Product Description 

355 environmentally friendly cleaning agent is formulated with refined hydrocarbon solvents and surfactants. It has strong cleaning ability, fast evaporation rate, and is compatible with all metal materials and most non-metal materials.


Recommended Applications

It is suitable for cleaning oil stains on metal surfaces, especially for removing anti-rust film, dust, oil stains, static electricity, etc. from molds.


Product advantages

● Free of chlorine, benzene and n-hexane, it is a green, environmentally friendly and harmless product, which can effectively prevent occupational diseases

● Excellent dissolution performance, quickly remove oil, dust, static electricity, etc.

● The volatilization speed is fast and the volatilization is clean;

● No corrosion on the metal surface;

● Good compatibility with most plastics;

● Good safety performance, the deformation and bursting pressure of the spray can are higher than the national standard;

● Products comply with ROHS environmental protection directives, and PAHS, PFOS testing.


Product storage

● All canned products are flammable, and the storage temperature should be below 50 ℃.

● For long-term storage, the stack height of cartons should not exceed 8 cartons.

● Handle the product with care, and do not use dangerous actions such as dropping, throwing, or bumping.

● The storage place should be ventilated, dry and cool. Direct sunlight or outdoor exposure is strictly prohibited.

● Do not knock and keep away from fire.

● Do not put it upside down.


Typical data

Test Items

Test Method


Test result


Visual inspection


Colorless transparent


ASTM D1298



Internal pressure




Ejection rate





The above is typical data and does not represent product specifications. With the continuous updating of additives and the continuous emergence of new products, the above information may be changed at any time without notice. This data is for reference only.

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