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S-101A White Anti-rust Agent

Category: Anti-rust Agent
Brand: Falcon


Falcon high quality white anti rust agent is applied to the anti rust and corrosion protection of black metal, five years or so; it is also suitable for the anti rust and corrosion protection of offshore or offshore environment.

Product model S-101A White Anti-rust Agent
Packaging specifications 24 pcs / Carton
Capacity 450 ml / pcs

Product Details


Falcon high quality white anti rust agent is made of high quality mineral base oil with a selection of anti-corrosion additives, antioxidants and other refined, anti rust and anti-corrosion performance is excellent, is currently the best anti rust capacity of a product.


is suitable for ferrous metal waterproof, rust, corrosion, especially suitable for the harsh environment, such as in the marine environment, salt spray environment of metal parts, equipment, instruments, chains, bearings and other products of anti-corrosion.


  • excellent anti-corrosion properties, can effectively protect the metal for a long time, to maintain the metal surface gloss;

  • non-toxic environmental protection, in line with the EU RoHS environmental directives;

  • heat resistance, salt spray, acid resistance and alkali resistance,

  • atomization performance is good, the effective use of large area, saving cost;

  • excellent waterproof performance; plastic, rubber, non corrosive;

  • can effectively form a uniform anti rust film.


  • spraying anti rust agent, the surface of the object to be sprayed with a cleaning agent to clean and keep dry.

  • use the top down to the back of the tank body, so that the spray mist uniform.

  • < p > when spraying, press the nozzle, nozzle distance to the object about 30cm vertical injection, oil film thickness uniformity of mobile, completely covering the surface of the object.


  • all canned goods are flammable, storage temperature should be lower than 50.

  • long storage, the carton should not exceed 8 boxes.

  • handling products to be handled with care, strictly prohibit the use of throw, throw, hit or other dangerous action.

  • storage areas should be ventilated, dry, cool, is strictly prohibited from the sun or exposed to the sun.

  • is forbidden to strike and keep away from fire.

  • can not be upside down.



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